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Learning Management System

Full range of Learning management Tool, suitable for any learning institution. Built-in Social media; Forum, File Sharing, eBook, Project Work, Blogs, Email, SMS......

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Enterprise Relational Planning

Manage Fees, Donations. Track income and expenses. Manage Staffing and Payrolls, Manage Hostel, Transport, Track all Payments and Defaulters

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Publishers Desk

Search for your favorite publishers. Fully integration eBooks with Lessons from various Publishers; eBooks and Lesson are built together..

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Web conferencing

Organize your classes and meeting with integrated Web conferencing and Online White-board.
Promoting deep collaboration among Learners and Instructors.

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Latest Posts

Simple and User-Friencly with clean statistical dashboard for performance

An unbeatable simple interface with simple clicks; A highly advantage to render in all devices with Android version for students to learn online/offline...

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Teachers and Trainer special features and adaptive templates

Easy lesson creation, easy class schedules, easy files sharing, easy way to track student performance. Each assignment are with notification...

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Core Features of Publishers

Our Publishers find it easy to sell their eBooks and ineractive lessons to schools and to students, they are assured with a good ROI...

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