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Business leaders everywhere are deploying SMS to stay one step ahead of the competition. They’re automating workflows—and OpEx savings. They’re getting new products and services into customers’ hands faster. And they’re tapping into new revenue streams and possibilities. Quickly, before competitors have time to answer the call.

If you want to automate or trigger your business SMS through your existing applications, we can assist you with a number of flexible and powerful API integration options.

SMS Integration

  • SMS Pull & Push
  • SMS Reselling
  • 100% Guaranteed Delivery.
  • Alerts & Feedback
  • Shortcodes
  • SMS Poll & Contest
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Web and Mobile Messaging has fast become one of the most reliable and influential communications mediums in the world today. With over 5.5 billion mobile users globally, sending over 8.3 trillion messages a year, getting your message across is now easier than ever before. No matter the industry, or their focus, organizations across the globe are beginning to capitalize on the benefits SMS has to offer. Use SMS to help your business increase its consumer reach, improve your interactions with customers and grow their engagement with your brand. Make SMS work for you, and give your users something to smile about..

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SMS Integration

n a world where consumer choice is more powerful than ever before, ensuring your message cuts through all the noise and reaches your customer has never been more important. That’s why SMSGlobal was built on a foundation of experience and knowledge, developed by a team of mobile messaging specialists, hand-picked to help drive ROI for your business..

Partnering with us gives you access to a number of tools and interfaces that allow your business to benefit from the powerful communication medium of SMS. You can send an SMS within minutes using our web messaging platform. Using the platform, you can send and receive SMS, house contacts, manage campaigns and run powerful reports that show you how SMS is performing for your business.

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