Create and Share rich and interactive Lessons, Files, Project Works, Forum, eBooks using the world class eMLearner LMS.

LMS Features

  • Lesson Management
  • Course Management
  • File Sharing
  • Project Work Management
  • Alerts & Feedback
  • User Management
  • Auto Lesson Archive
  • Request a Demo


eMLearner LMS is a full packed Learning Management program that allows Teachers and Trainers to easily create Lessons without guides. With its intuitive 7-Questions and advanced Custom Question-Answer Type Lessons. Allowing a complete Paperless in Teaching and Learning. The new Feature; Custom Evaluation Answer allow Teachers to mark all theoretical questions easily.

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Share Lessons, Files, and collaborate alongside your students and co-teachers and students anytime, anywhere. Automatic Archive lesson is provided to move all expired lesson to a location that allow ease in navigation to new lesson.

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Latest Posts

Simple and User-Friencly with clean statistical dashboard for performance

An unbeatable simple interface with simple clicks; A highly advantage to render in all devices with Android version for students to learn online/offline...

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Teachers and Trainer special features and adaptive templates

Easy lesson creation, easy class schedules, easy files sharing, easy way to track student performance. Each assignment are with notification...

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Core Features of Publishers

Our Publishers find it easy to sell their eBooks and ineractive lessons to schools and to students, they are assured with a good ROI...

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