Finance, Inventory, Human Resource, Hostel, Transport, are managed easily with eMLearner ERP.

ERP Features

  • Fees Management
  • Online Payment
  • Inventory Management
  • HR Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Transport Management
  • Payment Alerts
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Fees Management

eMLearner ERP is a complete school management software that allows fee collections in your various access point and several levies managed in one place and giving you and your administration automative fund management. All payments are tracked giving your financial managment a clean transaction records.

Assets, Liability,and Donations

Our ERP is built-in with assets and liabilities tracker. Donations are allowed with our exortic finance management software. Give your school a financial freedom by allowing ERP to manage all your income nd expenditure with ease and you can track all payment anytime anywhere...

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Core Features of Publishers

Our Publishers find it easy to sell their eBooks and ineractive lessons to schools and to students, they are assured with a good ROI...

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